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McNett Zip Tech


McNett Zip Tech

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McNett Zipper Stick Lubricant 2 X 4.5 Gram.

High performance, improved Zip Tech formula, providing easier application to lubricate many types of water and air tight zip fasteners. Superb level of Protection against rust, corrosion, chlorine and salt in all temperatures, contains no paraffin or silicone, perfect for use in our valuable underwater marine environment. Supplied as a convenient multi use twin pack, containing 2 X 4.5 Gram. containers which allow quick and easy application. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: STEP 1: Unzip item and remove grit and dust. STEP 2: Apply Zip Tech™ sparingly to the inside and outside of the zip teeth. STEP 3: Carefully open and close zip to distribute Zip Tech thoroughly.


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