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Valved Surface Marker Buoy Heavy duty poly-vinyl self sealing surface marker buoy with dump valve & line attachment point. Bright and highly visible Orange colour Displays diver’s location on the surface during ascent. Includes handy storage pouch.… - Read More

GBP 38.25

Delayedaid Surface Marker Buoy Heavy duty poly-vinyl self-sealing Surface Marker Buoy for use with our Delayed Aid Kit, product code - DA KIT. Clearly displays a diver’s location to boat cover on the surface during ascent and decompression stops. Includes… - Read More

GBP 17.95

Surface Marker Tube Heavy duty bright Orange coloured surface marker with self sealing inflation valve, may be used to indicate the location of a diver during decompression or position of an object underwater. Features a strong elasticated cord allowing… - Read More

GBP 26.50

Medium Digi-Line 30 Metre Finger Reel 7.5cm diameter micro reel supplied with a 30 metre line, provides an easy to store & neat solution used for marking routes and other activities. The spool is manufactured from high grade polymer, designed &… - Read More

GBP 16.25

Puffin Mini Wreck-Line Reel Compact sized reel with over 40 metres of high strength nylon line with a breaking strain of over 80kgs. Heavy duty nylon reel with thumb operated ratchet & quick release rust-free stainless steel retaining clip. Ideal… - Read More

GBP 39.95

The Mares Diver Marker Buoy All in One is a great all round dive marker that will keep you safe and visible while submerged. Standing at an impressive 180 cm tall and coming in a high visibility orange colour, the buoy is impossible to miss. The buoy… - Read More

GBP 53.00

15 Metre Stainless Finger Spool, Line & Bolt Snap 15 Metre long line on a handy sized 8.0 cm diameter 304 marine grade corrosion resistant micro reel, an easy to store & compact solution used for all purposes where laying a line may be required.… - Read More

GBP 21.50