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Swim Seal protective ear drops are a unique, alcohol free product that act as invisible earplugs that help prevent water entering the ear & reduce the chance of painful ears or ear infection. Simply apply before entering the water to create a natural,… - Read More

GBP 3.45

Blue B.C.D. & Regulator Hanger Royal Blue coloured lightweight & convenient hanger, designed for safely storing & drying SCUBA diving B.C.D.s, Regulator and Gauge Console assemblies & other equipment. Features integral dummy DIN &… - Read More

GBP 5.95

eavy Duty Detach Coiled Lanyard - 115mm Boltsnap and 4mm Delta Quick Link Coiled Detach lanyard stretches to 36 inches. Incorporating large, heavy duty fastex buckle for easy use with gloved hand. - Read More

GBP 24.90

Earol Swim® Tea Tree Oil delivers a 10ml metered dose of a unique blend of Olive Oil & Tea Tree Oil into the outer ear finely coating the auditory canal creating a water resistant barrier.Clinically proven to prevent water trapping in ears and to… - Read More

GBP 9.95

Large Dive Slate Large, A4 sized Underwater Dive Slate with precision tipped dive pencil on flexible highly visible elastic bungee cord. Can be attached to a suitable point on other equipment by using the extra strong nylon quick release attachment clip,… - Read More

GBP 2.50


Swim-eze is an ear drying aid that helps to dry water that is trapped in your ears it works within seconds giving relief to the painful sensation of swimmers ear. Eliminates the unpleasant symptoms and feelings of trapped ear water. Helps divers to equalize… - Read More

GBP 9.25

Marine grade 18/8 Stainless Steel adjustable band suitable for securing articles where a strong connection is required. 120mm size, suitable for use around a diameter of between 80 and 100mm (3 1/2" - 4 3/4"). High quality and extremely robust 8mm worm… - Read More

GBP 5.35

232 Bar DIN Female/A-Clamp Adaptor Quickly converts 232 Bar DIN fitting charging hoses or regulator 1st stages for instant use with 232 Bar A-Clamp cylinder valves. Compatible with EN-144-1 regulator 1st stages. - Read More

GBP 31.50

232 Bar X-Flow Cylinder Valve 3/4 BSP Thread Cylinder Valve to suit original British Standard SCUBA diving cylinders with 3/4 inch BSP thread on the cylinder. Single outlet valve with extra-long handle allowing easy use when wearing gloves fitted as… - Read More

GBP 52.95

232 Bar XFlow Cylinder Valve M25X2 EN-144-1 Thread Super high quality single cylinder pillar valve with M25x2 thread with EN-144-3 outlet fitting for 232 Bar DIN or A-Clamp regulators. Suitable for use with all SCUBA Diving cylinders manufactured to… - Read More

GBP 50.50

7/16" UNF 90° High Pressure Hose Adaptor 90 degree angled High Pressure Hose Adaptor with 7/16" UNF male and female threads. Designed to provide a right angle turn for high pressure hoses leading to an S.P.G. Contents Gauge from the 1st stage of a regulator,… - Read More

GBP 25.25

Comfort Mouthpiece Super soft high grade hypo-allergenic silicone SCUBA Diving Regulator second stage ‘Comfo-Bite’ style mouth-piece, ergonomically designed for extreme comfort. Perfectly fits most dive regulators & snorkels with separate mouthpieces… - Read More

GBP 4.50

Fourth Element

The changing mat is large enough to be a really useful addition to any diver’s kit with ample room for changing, but extremely packable. Made using the same hard-wearing fabric as the Argo bag, the mat can be rolled up and secured using attached elasticated… - Read More

GBP 19.95

Clear Small Size Silicone Mouthpiece Smaller fitting soft clear silicone mothpiece. Fits most regulators & snorkels with separate mouthpieces. Supplied with tie wrap fastening. - Read More

GBP 4.35

Cylinder Carrying Strap How many times have you seen other divers struggling to carry their cylinder incorrectly by pulling and lifting from the valve? Beaver Sports understand how much expensive damage can be done by transporting your cylinder to and… - Read More

GBP 12.50

7 Litre Black Cylinder Net Black woven high density nylon mesh net provides an unbeatable level of protection for cylinders during use and transport. Drawstring cord top and bottom closure provides streamlined accurate fit ensuring strength and security,… - Read More

GBP 12.75

Double Page Dive Slate The Beaver Double Page Dive Slate is probably one of the simplest and most effective pieces of dive equipment on the market, it features a large slate with foldable second page making it perfect for making detailed notes or advising… - Read More

GBP 17.95

Easy Fin Spring Straps Quick Release Pair of Large Size spring straps, designed for fitting & use of fins easy, no strap adjustments are necessary once installed. Simple to remove & easily changed from standard fin straps to suit most popular… - Read More

GBP 26.95

Female DIN Regulator Dust Cap Durable nylon polymer Cover Cap, which will provide a high level of protection against damage caused by scrapes, scratches and dents to SCUBA Diving Regulator 1st Stages fitted with an EN-144-1 type DIN fitting with G5/8”… - Read More

GBP 3.75

Large Dive Slate Large, A4 sized Underwater Dive Slate with precision tipped dive pencil on flexible highly visible elastic bungee cord. Can be attached to a suitable point on other equipment by using the extra strong nylon quick release attachment clip,… - Read More

GBP 12.50

Magnetic Compressed Gas Symbol Magnetic 11cm square ‘Compressed Gas’ hazard warning Symbol, to be displayed on vehicles for safety purposes when transporting charged SCUBA Diving, Air Gun or other high pressure air cylinders containing compressed breathing… - Read More

GBP 4.50

Magnetic Octopus Holder For securing octopus attachment or other similar hose, with magnetic fixing & high tensile polymer holder. Keeps secure and allows quick, easy access if required with the worry of being tangled - Read More

GBP 16.95

Scubapro magnetic quick clip / octopus holder is a 2 part clip that allows you to secure your octopus, guages or other kit securely and quickly to your BCD. Ideal for Insturctors who want to quickly and easily secure their Octopus when working with students.… - Read More

GBP 21.00

Male DIN Cylinder Valve Dust Cap High Quality, extra durable nylon polymer protective insert cap cover to fit SCUBA Diving or Air Gun Cylinder valves with female EN-144-3 Type DIN outlet fitting with a G5/8”thread. Protects & prevents contamination… - Read More

GBP 3.75