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T3 Regulator Din Sealed


T3 Regulator Din Sealed

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Atomic T3 Titanium Regulator, the crown jewel of diving regulators. The T3 Regulator is the best regulator you can possibly buy, the attention to detail and precision throughout manufacture ensures this regulator delivers the best breathe possible. First stage and second stage components are machined from blocks of solid titanium to ensure maximum longevity, reliability and incredibly low weight. Atomic are so confident in their product that the T3 has a 3 year or 300 dive servicing interval, giving you the confidence to take your reg to the far reaches of the world without worry. 

The T3 First Stage features an exclusive 'Jet Seat' piston, which provides the maximum flow of gas possible. The regulator is protected from freezing as it is sealed at the factory, ensuring that no contaminants can enter the first stage body which could case a problem. The T3 first stage has 2 fixed high pressure ports and 5 low pressure ports on the swivelling end cap. The T3 Second Stage has a titanium 'seat saving' orifice which helps extend the life of the seat for a longer time of use. A soft adjustment knob allows you to rapidly change the breathing resistance of the regulator if needed. Breathing effort is lowered thanks to a high-flow case and special level design, providing a smooth, easy breathe at all depths and temperatures. 


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